The concept of the SteamCube was to see if I could fit a bookend PC (like an Intel NUC) inside the housing of a Nintendo GameCube. From there, a service called SteamOS could be installed onto it and the Steam Link feature could be used to play games from your couch or games could be installed and played directly from the small computer. With a system of this size, it could also be extremely portable, as long as you had a screen to play on and wifi access. In 2014, this was a pretty novel concept, in the current year with the advent of Google’s Stadia, Steam own Link devices, Nvidia Shield, etc. the idea is much more commonplace.

I am still technically working on this project, though much more in the background. This project is still great to do as practice in replicating parts via 3D printer that have a slightly different configuration than the original parts. For instance, the front section where the controllers would be connected could be modified to house ports for USB controllers and keyboard/mouse devices, the rear section where the IO and Power ports are could be modified to house ports for video (HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.) as well as additional USB ports for additional storage.